5 Unique Cocktails to Sip on in Dallas


Texas has birthed over a hundred unique cocktails, making it a destination for craft cocktail fans. While the Dallas area may be known its breweries, it’s the birthplace about a third of those cocktails. If you’re looking to get a taste of Dallas, these must-try Dallas originals have made the city a cocktail destination. Hit […]

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Where to Enjoy the Best Pilates Classes in Dallas

doing pilates

If you enjoy walking, cycling, or swimming, Pilates is an excellent addition to any regular aerobic program. This form of exercise can improve your strength, balance, and coordination, and if you’d like give it a try, the best nearby studios include: Pilates Methodology Pilates Methodology is a fitness boutique owned by Rachel Lieck Bryce. She has been an […]

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Enjoy Some of the Best Desserts in Dallas

pie in Dallas

Dallas has been an established “foodie town” for many years, with everything from mouth-watering BBQ to the most sophisticated creations from world-class chefs. While often celebrated for the flavorful beef dishes and incredible Tex-Mex cuisine, Dallas has also made a name for itself in the dessert department. For those who love the sweeter side of […]

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