Find Your Inner Detective at One of Dallas’ Top Escape Rooms

an escape room in Dallas

Seeking a creative idea for a loved one’s birthday party? Coming up with team building ideas for you and your colleagues? Escape rooms have swept the globe, with several locations popping up right here in Dallas. Comprised of immersive experiences that test your group’s cleverness, we’ve rounded up Dallas’ top escape experiences here.

Escape the Room

Escape the Room opened its Dallas location in 2016 and has since been a hit with attendees including Tony Romo. Escape the Room boasts distinct experiences that must be conquered within a sixty-minute timeframe. The Agency allows ten players to act as secret agents completing a classified challenge, Western Bank Heist sees ten players robbing a bank and trying to escape with the loot, and The Dig allows eight players to become excavators trapped in the dark.

PanIQ Room

Founded in Hungary in 2012, PanIQ has experiences across the globe and has brought their unique brand of gameplay to Dallas. Designed for a maximum team size of seven, PanIQ Room provides three unique challenges. In Wild West, teams have been locked in a jail cell but the Sheriff left the key in his room when he left for a ride. Voodoo Spirits players find themselves locked in a priest’s hut while a Haitian Voodoo spirit seeks to possess them – find the protective skull of the priest to block the spirit out. Lastly, Zombie Outbreak throws players into a world that has been radio silent for weeks since a zombie apocalypse. You and your team need to get a car working in order to make it from your hideout to a safe zone.

Dallas Escape Rooms

Guaranteed to stimulate the mind and unleash your inner detective, Dallas Escape Rooms has six options, with a difficulty rating of one to three “locks”. Starting out (relatively) easily with one lock and designed for groups of two to seven: Roulette is a speakeasy owned by the notorious Al Capone where you need to get on the guest list instead of the hit list, and Hackers requires you to neutralize a computer virus released by a notorious hacking organization. Jumping up to the two lock challenge, Amnesia requires teams of four to seven to uncover an amnesiac patient’s hidden past in a 1950s mental hospital. The hardest challenges rank three of three locks and designed for groups of two to seven. Enigma challenges players to stop an impending Axis assassination by cracking the Nazi Enigma code; whereas The Vault requires players to use a “code” from Leonardo da Vinci to steal a priceless Faberge Egg. Last but not least, State Fair (currently unrated) sees players tasked with finding the missing “Best in Fair” trophy.

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